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SLX Timing is your partner for all your Time keeping and Synchronization projects with low power requirements. We have been manufacturing Very Low Power OCXO and Timing Modules for years. And, our oscillators comply with many demanding applications.

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Discover our range of high precision time-frequency products.

Our catalog is made up of 3 product categories:
* Precision and Low Power OCXO : EWOS™
Our high precision and ultra low power OCXOs for Embedded Applications. AT-Cut and SC-Cut are available for our OXCO produts range
* Timing and Synchronization Modules : SGTM™
Discover our GNSS disciplined low power timing and synchronization modules suitable for underwater applications, industrial or miltitary sectors…
* MEMS Micro Atomic Clock: MMAC™
Discover our micro atomic clock MMAC ™ which improves the performances of the best OCXOs by a factor of 100.


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