MEMS Micro Atomic Clock

Micro Atomic Clock: MMAC

The MEMS Micro Atomic Clock – MMAC™ is an atomic frequency reference offering a fantastic trade-off between compactness, power consumption and overall frequency stability performances.

At the core of the MMAC, a millimetric MEMS silicone structure encapsulates a cesium vapor (non-radioactive of course). The combination of this MEMS core and complex embedded digital electronics provides a very low long-term frequency drift, ie ±0.01ppb per day. It also gives less than ±1 ppb of frequency variation when temperature fluctuate between -40 °C and + 85 °C.

With a size of 40 x 35 x 22 mm and a consumption of less than 300 mW at -40°C, the MMAC-10 reaches the state-of-the-art of ultra-compact atomic clocks on the market. Currently in development, the MMAC-10 is not yet available for ordering but will be soon proposed for sampling or initial trials. Please contact us for any specific inquiry on this product.



• Telecom synchronization
• Oil prospecting (underwater or terrestrial seismic recorders)
• Radionavigation, PNT (Position, Navigation, Time)
• Radio communication hardened


• Ultra weak aging
• Low consumption
• High performance synchronization
• ITAR Free

Key Parameters

• Thermal sensitivity: ± 1ppb accross -40 ° C / +85 ° C
• Aging 1.10-10 / month
• Synchronization PPS in & out: ± 10 ns
• Retrace: 5.10-11
• Consumption < 300 mW
• Frequencies available: 10.000 MHz
• Volume: 15 to 20 cm³ in its final form

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